We Can All Heal. Bring your miraculous body-mind for the glorious ride home.

For a long time, I felt disconnection from my body, feelings and sensations. I was a walking head, often in some degree of distress. What was I feeling? What was my body saying? All a mystery.

In my early 20’s I was in so much struggle that I undertook my first 10 day silent meditation retreat. It was like breathing fresh air for the first time. Have you experienced this?

It has been a long journey back home to myself through awareness training, practices and much encouragement from compassionate Teachers and community. I can gladly say I feel more whole again– more present, alive and here. 

As a mixed-race queer woman who grew up in many countries, part of this journey has also included healing internalised racism, homophobia and attachment insecurities. And if I have learned anything, it is that every human being has hurts and confusions – prejudices, projections and protections – weight waiting to be lifted from the heart and mind.

If you resonate with a desire to heal and awaken to the fullness of life, I salute you on your process of self-awareness and encourage you to continue in earnest. And should you wish to connect wth myself and others who have experience with this kind of work, for guidance, inspiration or support, then please get in touch. The journey is easier with others!

– Cara Conroy-Lau


Cara Conroy-Lau